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A crypto coin driven by perspective and empathy, with a mission to empower streamers & content creators for positive impact.
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What is $Streamerinu?

Streamer inu was created for one primary goal - becoming the face of streamers in the crypto space by creating tools to help their careers by maximizing their earnings and visibility.
Mainstream Adoption
Steadily becoming one of the driving forces for crypto adoption worldwide, Streamer Inu uses the power of media & Web 3.0 to spread the word of a crypto coin that isn't motivated by greed, but rather fueled by the power of perspective and empathy.
Transperancy & Credibility
Streamer Inu’s team will continue to pursue every opportunity to provide transparency to its investors and streamers to earn their trust and prove this is a worthwhile & safe investment, we are audited and established an LLC in Dubai by the name - Streamers United LLC - FZ.
Decentralization is Superior
Regardless of how much streamers earn per month, all major streaming platforms get a huge cut of their revenue (up to 70%), leaving the streamers with not much to live on or improve their stream, whereas crypto payments are superior because streamers end up with 100% of revenue.

Products & Services

One of the central objectives of Streamer Inu is to foster interaction and build a connection between the cryptocurrency and streaming communities. To achieve this goal, the following products have been developed:
Donut Pay
Donut Pay
Introducing Donut Pay - the revolutionary new crypto donation platform for streamers! With Donut Pay, streamers can easily and securely receive donations in various cryptocurrencies, all while enjoying ultra-low transaction fees and lightning-fast processing times.
Memes to Millions
Memes to Millions
A pioneering reality tv show that explores the intersection of the meme, streaming and crypto worlds. The show follows a diverse group of individuals who have come together with the goal of discovering the next internet icon. through the use of cryptocurrency and memes, these individuals will compete to see who can rise to the top and become the next cultural sensation.
Omni Trade
Omni Trade
OmniTrade revolutionizes cross-chain trading with its seamless platform, allowing users to effortlessly trade LayerZero tokens across multiple blockchains. Powered by LayerZero and Polygon, it offers fast, efficient transactions in 43 seconds or less without the need for bridging or wrapping. Start trading with ease on all major chains. Experience the future of decentralized finance with OmniTrade.

How To Invest

If you’re interested to invest in $StreamerInu and become a shareholder of Streamers United LLC-FZ, here are the best 2 ways to do it:

Token Details

Total Supply
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  • Stealth Launch
  • +1,000 Holders
  • +$100,000 Donations
  • Certik Audit & KYC
  • CMC & CG
  • Binance, Coinbase, Tracking
  • Top 1,000 “Game Over” Twitch Certified
  • Produce Demo Pilot for “Memes to Millions”
  • Establish Streamers United LLC-FZ in Dubai
Phase 1
Phase 2
  • Secure New Ambassadors
  • Website V2
  • V2 Relaunch as Layer Zero token
  • DonutPay Phase 2
  • TikTok Partner Campaigns
  • OmniTrade EVM Launch
  • OmniTrade Marketing Campagin
Phase 3
  • OmniTrade Non-EVM launch
  • Begin Production Season 1 “Memes to Millions”
  • Sign Guest Celebs
  • Sign A-List Streamers
  • Bigger TikTok Partner Campaigns
  • Youtube & Instagram Campaigns
Phase 4
  • OmniTrade+ Launch
  • Introduce Streamie Ai Beta Launch
  • Memes to Millions Redistibution
  • DonutPay Phase 3
  • Omni NFT Mint
  • Streamers Referral Program

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I just called it on the spaces call. @streamerinu is the B-Roots secret sauce coin!
EXCELLENT VIDEO!!!! 🚀🚀 love what this team is doing! #streamerinu
#streamerinu has one of the biggest community, team and concept in this space.
Bart Baker
After a lot of research & talking to the dev i’m buying / onboarding to @streamerinu team as an ambassador
Ian Heinisch
#streamerinu has one of the strongest community, I am holding through the bear market!
Gamers Outreach
This is such a fun montage vid! Great work everyone!!
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